1. will people think?' Wyman isnt the only member of The Rolling Stones with a slightly suspect taste for younger women. Stephen Paul Wyman (Born: March 29, 1962)Finally, the first Stones baby not fathered by Brian Jones: Stephen Paul Wyman. BOYS ON THE SIDE: After a "mystery" wasting illness that left her weighing five stone, Mandy wed footballer Pat van der Hauwe, while still living with Nicola and Patsy. Wyman was distraught when he heard the news of Jones death, being one of two members besides Watts to attend Jones funeral in July 1969. Bills son, Stephen, would have become Mandys stepson AND stepfather and Bill would have become his sons son-in-law in addition to being his father! Thenight resulted in a pregnancy for Angeline, who was married. And thats the real story behind Stones bassist Bill Wyman marrying a much younger person. White Funeral Home 14560 Pennock Ave Apple Valley, MN 952-432-2001. Julian BrianJones (Born: July 23, 1964)As the Stones were starting their rise, Jonesand teenage girlfriend Linda Lawrence had a son, Julian Brian (again named after Cannonball Adderly). Born 1964. We're sitting in Mandy's white conservatory. Stephen Paul Wyman Age: 58 Born: March 29, 1962 Parents: Bill Wyman and Diane Cory Occupation: Unknown Finally, a Rolling Stones' baby that wasn't fathered by Brian Jones. Why rock? Some girls (and boys) have a greater understanding of the phrase Papa Was a Rolling Stone than others. She was 13 and lived on a council estate when Bill, 47, seduced her. Alexandra has also done a bit of acting, appearing in a 2009 episode ofGossip Girl. Karis was born into the apex of Stones madness. Karis Hunt Jagger (Born: Nov. 4, 1970)Mick Jaggers oldest child was the result of a hush-hush 10-month relationship with African-American model, actress and singer Marsha Hunt (allegedly the inspiration for "Brown Sugar"). Hamrick met Jagger when she was 28 and went on to give birth to his eighth child. She is survived by her loving husband and best friend of 40 years, Lee. Evidently a bit more than he is his mum. I used to need someone Stones bassist Bill Wyman maintains in his 1990 book Stone Alone that Jones never knew about Belinda. He is a fixture on the London art scene, working as a director at a number of galleries, including one owned by his father. Named for Marlon Brando, Richards son became a permanent member of the Stones entourage in the 70s. Wyman had been dating Smith since she was 13, and he was 47. She wants also to do more journalism' I know many doctors thought I was just anorexic and Like father? Which Rolling Stones Son Married HIS Wifes Mother? Though in 1989 media attention was mainly focused on Bill's courtship of bride-to-be Mandy Smith, Stephen endured the wrath of his father by becoming involved with, and later marrying,. I say, St Antony, you around? Born 1968. DISCLAIMER: Videomuzic usa le immagini per finalit di critica ed esercizio del diritto di cronaca in modalit degradata conforme alle prescrizioni della legge sul diritto d'autore utilizzate ad esclusivo corredo dei contenuti informativi. "Models wanted" hair streaks, mini skirts whatever the weather, and no-mirror lip liner. She is keen to dispel We're not like that at all.' I'm going into town, need to park and you A teetotaller, she married her carpenter boyfriend Dominic Jennings, and professed an interest in keeping her job as a stable girl. Like father? Then in 1989 Wyman married the 18-year-old Mandy Smith, whom he had been dating since she was 13; a relationship that was understandably the subject of considerable . Wyman and Smith divorced just two years after being married and finalised the divorce two years after that. ', Isn't there something unnerving about such a rivalrous, competitive mother stepping Lucas' mom is Brazilian model and TV hostess Luciana Gimenez, with whom Jagger had a one-time dalliance after a Stones show in Rio de Janeiro. 3. Mandy's marriage to Pat hasn't run smoothly. Then lets slip that they're back together. know what it's like'.' Karis now devotes her time to raising the couples two children, while Jonathan continues to work as an assistant director on films, includingThe Amazing Spider-ManandThe Interview. Later he attended the famed Lee Strasberg Institute in New York before being cast in a range of theater productions and independent films. Mandy's mum's relationship with Wyman's son Stephen. We have no records of past relationships for Stephen Paul Wyman. on her patch? sunglasses for a hairband. Seraphina Watts Who? This meant that Bill's mother-in-law was also his daughter-in-law, and vice versa. He and Jones hung out together even when Jones was distancing himself from the band. Part of Audacy. A generation of Rolling Stones fans have found culinary satisfaction at the legendary eatery. Like mother. Last June Bill Wyman closesed his London restaurant Sticky Fingers after 32 years. Parents: Bill Wyman and Diane Cory Even more bizarre was the fact that Bill started dating Mandy when she was 13! He is also an investor in the European franchises of the BurgerFi chain. Shes since appeared on magazine covers in the U.S. and Europe, and worked in campaigns for Burberry, Ann Taylor and Adidas. If I can't go to the gym during the day, I try to go at Wyman mentions that (I Cant Get No) Satisfaction was released as a single only after a 32 vote within the band: Wyman, Watts and Jones voted for, Jagger and Richards against, feeling it not sufficiently commercial. Bill Wyman was born as William George Perks, Jr. in Lewisham Hospital in Lewisham, south London, the son of William Perks, a bricklayer, and his wife, Molly (ne Jeffery). Shes appeared in numerous fashion magazines, fromElletoVogue, around the world and gained attention for opening Tommy Hillfigers New York Fashion Week show in 2014. Well, Bill wrote it Please refresh the page or navigate to another page on the site to be automatically logged inPlease refresh your browser to be logged in, Find your bookmarks in your Independent Premium section, under my profile. charges? For a start, Dandelion is the name of the Jagger-Richards composition on the B-side of 1967's We Love You. In 2013, Pat saidshe's never received anything in child support from Jones or his estate outside of "a package full of baby things"and that Mark "doesnt want to cash in on his dads fame." This is usually the message that forms the basis of their interviews, since the Smiths' actual careers seem to follow no consistent pattern other than appearing in Hello! Karis also marked the emergence of a familiar Jagger riff - the long-running paternity suit. Jamie Wood (Born: 1973)Jamie is the adopted son of guitarist Ronnie Wood, born in 1973 to Ronnies future (and now ex-) wife Jo and her then-husband, clothing boss Peter Greene. Gabriel Jagger Almost made it on stage with his dad once, apparently, but got a bit scared and didn't make it. A year after his marriage on 24 October 1959 to Diane Cory, an 18-year-old bank clerk, he bought a Burns electric guitar for 52 on hire-purchase, but was not satisfied by his progress. To Riff and Anita Pallenberg, in 1972, a daughter. I felt partly to blame, like it was my fault as well,' she says, with the Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the world more open and connected. Wyman subsequently married Accosta, and the pair went on to have three daughters together. with frou-frou curtains, Fantasia video, two Yorkshire terriers and 90ft garden. Bubbling under The Stones kids who did not quite make the top 10. In addition, Pat's ex resents Mandy seeing their daughter. Er, um, well Pat left She then moved to her mother Patsy's home in North London before meeting Mosby, a. Six years later, they were married, but the marriage only lasted a year. Mandy Then lets slip that they're back together. Katharine, who goes by Katie, is Bill and Suzanne's eldest daughter, born in London in 1994. Most impressively, for the last three years there have been noise complaints against her at her London flat after rowdy Christmas parties. Once an escort to "unsettled" Tatum O'Neal, he's now married to model Lucie de la Falaise, and has two children, to whom Liv Tyler is godmother. When Jo was overdue with Otis, Keith Richards jokingly told her to sit on a amplifier during a Stones practice to coax her baby out. If she doesn't watch her step she'll be more like Winona Ryder. with him.'. The couple had been dating for about 5 years before they got married. We weren't impressed by people.' Of an artistic bent (he's art director of hip anti-fashion mag Cheap Date and has shown work at London's Zoltar The Magnificent), Marlon is now a pretty settled sort of a guy. I thought I was going to die.'. How did Mandy feel when her mother started a romance with Stephen eight years ago? Sometimes I'm watching telly and, if it isn't However, there was one aspect of life in a rock n roll band that Wyman enjoyed very much; women. What if Bill and Mandy had remained married and Bill's son married Mandy's mother? I always felt ill and faint. Stephen Henry Weyman (November 20, 1922 - June 10, 1997) was a Canadian paediatrician and politician. Lizzy has done a bit of acting work, appearing in 2002sIgby Goes Down, and a little singing (she contributed backing vocals to Mick'sGoddess in the Doorwayalbum. Together, they own WeyMedia: a personal finance company who creates . He once described her life as "embarrassing". Leah Wood (Born: Sept. 22, 1978)Leah was the first child born to Ronnie and Jo Wood, although the pair wouldnt marry until years after their daughter entered the world. night.' Learn More{{/message}}. Learn More{{/message}}, {{#message}}{{{message}}}{{/message}}{{^message}}It appears your submission was successful. Patsy Smith had come from a large Irish family, but struggled with her own two girls when she was effectively left a single mum. 2023 Audacy, Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Mandy, Nicola and Patsy Smith collectively veer from dubious glamour puss to pure scrubber in the flick of a photo session, a marriage of high heels with plasters. Of course he's gone out with Kate Moss. Join Facebook to connect with Stephen Wyman and others you may know. James Jagger Seventeen-year-old James recently held a party where he put speakers on the roof of his parents' home, and is reportedly dating Alexandra Richards. However, there was one aspect of life in a rock n roll band that Wyman enjoyed very much; women. According to her bio, shes also an artist and a DJ. 20 years later, at 52, Wyman got married again to an 18-year-old singer and model Mandy Smith (whom he had been dating since she was 13). Patsy (Smith) Wyman Wyman Patsy "Pat" nee Smith, went home with her Lord on Thursday, June 24, 2004. Julian Mark Andrews (Born: Oct. 22, 1961)Brian Jones certainly got around. Pat was preceded in death by her parents, Elmer & Loma; and her two brothers, Jerome and Donald. MAIN CLAIM: Um, Bill Wyman's one-time in-laws. APPEARANCE: Dull-eyed teen brides in suburban housing estate, dolled up for a second cousin's fourth wedding. "It was very difficult to keep the relationship with Chloe going when I was in America and into the drugs," he would later, How to Hear Pink Floyds Long-Lost Animals Guitar Solo, Former Jackson Browne Guitarist David Lindley Dead at 78, Neil Young Announces Two 70s-Era Bootleg Releases, Jeff Tweedy Revisits Past Drug Addiction in New Audible Original: Exclusive, Pete Townshend and Joe Perry Guest on Ann-Margrets New Album, ABBAs Bjorn Ulvaeus Issues Warning Over Future of Avatars, Brian Eno to Name the Earth asHis Co-Writer, Legendary Saxophonist Wayne Shorter Dead at 89. DISCLAIMER: the images used by Videomuzic are for the purpose of criticism and exercise of the right to report news, in low quality, in compliance with the provisions of the law on copyright, used exclusively for the information content. If Bill and Mandy had remained married, Stephen would have been his fathers father-in-law and his own grandpa. Georgia May Ayeesha Jagger (Born: Jan. 12, 1992)Another Rolling Stones kid, another model. Until his departure in 1993,Bill Wymanwas the straight-laced, string-thrumming bassist of The Rolling Stones. Linda received a lump sum to help raise Julian. Because a father was not listed on his birth certificate, Simon onlydiscovered theidentity of his biological fatherin 2004. James Leroy Augustin Jagger (Born: Aug. 28, 1985)Mick and Jerrys second child tried his hand at modeling appearing in campaigns for Tommy Hillfiger and Pepe Jeans before embarking on a serious acting career. Her "real" name, Angela, lent itself to another one, Angie, which when she married in 1998 was the tune to which she walked - perhaps inappropriately, given the tone of the song - down the aisle. That means that if Bill and Mandys marriage had survived, or if they were to re-marry, Stephen would be his fathers father-in-law and (get this) his own grandfather. Which British Musician Extraordinaire Took His Name from an American Naval Hero? Unlike his fellow bandmates, Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, Wyman was never attracted to the limelight. Sticky Fingers, which takes its name from the bands 1971 album, opened its door in May 1989 and was adorned with a wide selection of Rolling Stones memorabilia. Because of his stepdads leanings, he became interested in art. all right. Wyman had been dating Smith since she was 13, and he was 47. Good luck to you, girls. Heres where the maths starts getting really frightening because, not long after Wymans split from Smith, his 30-year-old son, Stephen Paul Wyman, married Mandy Smiths mother (46), making Stephen a stepfather to his former stepmother. She prays up to 10 times a day,' normally for 10 minutes. Jones even lived with mother and child for a little while before running off. Now the fashion industry is closing the gap from the other direction - the protegees of agent Bryan Bantry, Theodora and Alexandra have modelled for New York label Chanpaul and in a Tommy Hilfiger campaign. The daughter of Charlie Watts and his wife of nearly 40 years, Shirley. A Although there are a few pictures of the young girl hanging out with Keith Richards and Mick Taylor, she was mostly shielded from the rock'n' roll world. Lucas is the four-year-old child of Jagger and Brazilian model Luciana Morad. As with her half-brother Jesse, Leah followed her dad into the music industry, forming a self-named band whose biggest claim to fame is opening for one ofDavid Bowies tours. That means that if Bill and Mandys marriage had survived, or if they were to re-marry, Stephen would be his fathers father-in-law and (get this) his own grandfather. Mandy Mick's first daughter, born in 1970. Patsy Smith's grandchildren: Patsy Smith's grandson is Max Mosby. A reviewal will be held on Sunday, June 27 from 1-4 PM at the White Funeral Home, Apple Valley. The bassist, 84, is said to be devastated over the closure as it has always meant a lot to him. I felt better that it wasn't a journalist Its as if a whole lot of them readLolitaand thought, what a cracking idea. Gracie Jane and Alice Rose Wood (May 30, 2016)Two days before Ron Wood turned 69, his wife, theater producer Sally Humphreys Wood, gave birth to twins, named Gracie Jane and Alice Rose. Ex-Rolling Stone member Bill Wyman has opened up for the first time in years about his controversial marriage to his second wife Mandy Smith. But she has mostly stuck to modeling, appearing in ads for Lancome, Marks and Spencer, Mango and Skiny. Rolling Stones legend Bill Wyman has closed down his London restaurant permanently following the pandemic. Karis and Jonathan met on the set of the moviePatch Adams, where she was working as a production assistant and he was an assistant director. year ago, Patsy broke up with Stephen Wyman, 33, reportedly at Mandy's wedding. The house is obsessively spotless, Once in a paternity suit, and then again - apparently Jerry Hall could not sanction the idea that Jagger's affair with Morad had just been a fling, and it is held to have been the final straw for the couple. 8. Now I can get up and go out on my own every day. Like father? He reconnected with both his mother and Bill Wyman, who was able to tell him stories about his biological father. Why rock? Unsurprisingly, Wyman and Mandy Smith were married on June 2nd, 1989. While her actress-socialite mother was busy with other engagements, Jade was often babysat by Andy Warhol. Somehow touchingly naive and brave, Mandy and Nicola could be seen as victims of an absentee snooker hall manager father, and a mother who didn't want Mandy "to end up marrying a local mechanic", and allowed her to live with Wyman while at school. Though in 1989 media attention was mainly focused on Bill's courtship of bride-to-be Mandy Smith, Stephen endured the wrath of his father by becoming involved with, and later marrying, Smith's 46-year-old mother Patsy. In 2007, Susan released an album called Another Place in Time, which featured Emmain aduet with her mother on "Radames' Letter" from Elton John's musical version of Aida. As an adult, hes worked as a gallery curator, graphic artist and photographer and countsLiv Tyler, Kate Moss andJohnny Deppas personal friends. Maxim magazine ranked Wyman at number 10 on its Living Sex Legends list, as he is reputed to have had sex with over 1,000 women. down in his diary and Pat doesn't keep a diary.' The two . In October 1964, Watts married Shirley, a woman he had met before the Stones became popular. Also like his father, hes struggled with addiction, and they entered rehab together in 2011. Her food faddishness and compulsive exercising sound like anorexia. . Bill Wyman and Mandy Smith started dating in 1984, when Mandy was 13 and Bill was 47. In fact, you might say they're a classic example of the generation gap. After being born in Switzerland, Dandelion was sent by her parents to live with Keiths mother, Doris, in England, and grew up away from the excesses of the rock 'n' roll lifestyle. She was really ill at the Millwall footballer. Sex with Pat, she insists, is now Eventually he cleaned up (by joining the Stones on tour, of all things) and is now a family man with a wife and multiple children. interesting, I'll go into a trance for 10 minutes and chat to God.'. Stephen Paul Wyman girlfriend, wife list. Why rock? [53] Why rock? Age: 49 Born: November 4, 1970 Mother: Marsha Hunt Occupation: Volunteer and philanthropist A rather unflattering fact about Mick Jagger revolves around how he once claimed that he wasn't Karis's father to avoid paying child support. 1 since Adeles 'Easy On Me', Patsy Kensit Birthday: absolute memories on filming 'Absolute Beginners' with David Bowie, Today's releases: Suki Waterhouse, Olivia Jean - listen, Roger Waters, listen to a small preview of his "new" 'Dark Side of the Moon', GFormula 1 -2023 Bahrain (5 March)- Free Streaming links- Verstappen, Peres, Leclerc, Daisy Jones & The Six pays tribute to star Riley Keoughs grandfather Elvis, Macca's Daughter Beatrice (Milly) is a spitting image of Paul. There have been modelling assignments, of course (though dad thinks them "silly"), but Elizabeth rocks on regardless. Wyman's marriage to Smith collapsed bitterly in 1991 - they divorced in 1993 - and the two do not still have contact. As a teenager, he sunk into the same temptations, and was kicked out of multiple schools for drug-related issues. WhenMalloy told Jonesand the Stones management she was pregnant, she was given payment by manager Andrew Loog Oldham and was ordered to not mention her pregnancy or relationship with Jonesin the press. hours' in the gym daily. He and Diane divorced in 1969. magazine with somewhat horrifying regularity. Jones initially planned to live with Linda and Julian at her parents home, but when her folks found out that Brian had no plan to marry their daughter, they booted him out. Stephen Wyman was buried at Nashville National CemeterySection LL Site 123 1420 Gallatin Road, South, in Madison, Tennessee. The girl, then nine, discussed her father'sshow with the Rhythm Kings, explaining that she didn't think he was very good because he never sang. However, in 1992, he made the decision to leave. Hes collaborated with half-brother Jamie at Scream Gallery butmade news in 2013 with the opening of new photography galleryHeist. That made Stephen a stepfather to his former stepmother. She datedPharrell Williamsfor years, before marrying art director Adrian Fillary in 2012. Like father? Out of the public eye for decades, Dandelion (who goes by her middle name, Angela) has been spotted in recent years at Stones performances and dinner dates with her dad. In my Jesse Wood Has helped out on Dad's solo album, but Jesse is concentrating more on being a dad Kate Moss? What made this rock marriage different was that, when they married, Bill was 52 and Mandy was 19. Like the other Rolling Stones, he has worked with Taylor since Taylors departure from the band in 1974. Patsy Smith is the former fiance of Stephen Wyman Patsy Smith's former husband is John Smith. Infamously, his birth broke up the nine-year marriage of Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall when Mick's wife found out about his out-of-wedlock child in the newspaper. and more from FamousFix.com. At age 47, the Rolling Stones' bassist, Bill Wyman, began a relationship with 13-year old Mandy Smith, with her mother's blessing. He used the stage name Lee (later Bill) Wyman, taking the surname of a friend with whom he had done national service in the Royal Air Force from 1955 to 1957. Which Influential Blues Pioneers Band Members Were the Inspiration for Reg Dwights (Elton John) Stage Name? MANDY Smith, former wife of Rolling Stone Bill Wyman, would like to become a barrister. I wasn't a little sex Hunt was once a Berkeley student, Karis, meanwhile, graduated Yale. For these31 people, its an actual fact all of them are the biological, or adopted, children of one of the Rolling Stones. Also in 1993, Bill got married again to Suzanne Accosta, who was in her 30s. time to talk to you when you need it. {{#message}}{{{message}}}{{/message}}{{^message}}Your submission failed. Rather more helpfully, he's also got some on his website. Bill was close to Brian Jones; he and Jones usually shared rooms together while they were on tour and often went to clubs together. The Smiths, now more famous than the droning Eighties band that were but pretenders to the august name, have forged a collective identity which far supersedes their connection with a letchy old. Stephen's grandson, Stephen Weyman (May 13, 1981-) co-founded a company with his partner, Maria Weyman. Find out about John Smith & Patsy Smith Divorced, children, joint family tree & history, ancestors and ancestry. Mandy seems like a nice girl. They are, she says, the ones up there doing it. Mandy is running late, upstairs. Pat is also survived by daughter, Laura (Robb) Kostial; two sons, Jeff (Wendy) and Matt; and two granddaughters, Elise Kostial and Kaitlyn Wyman. a Chinese herbalist, acupuncturist, doctor, counselling'. The next generation of Keith's daughters, born to King Unhealth and new partner, the 1980s model Patti Hansen. I thought I just hope it lasts', According to Smith, their relationship was sexually consummated when she was 14 years old. (That couple split two years later.) He served in the Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick from 1966 to 1967 as member of the Liberal party.. Descendants. Her concern was ever for others. (a hormonal imbalance) and allergies. Wyman was also friends with guitarist Mick Taylor. you.' She and her husband made the decision to raise the baby girl, named Belinda, as their own. If both romantic partnerships succeed, Bill Wyman would become his son's son-in-law, because he would be married to his son's stepdaughter. ', Mandy has been helped by therapy. Outraged Dad. She grew up to have a pronounced interest in art and design, and continues to work as a jewelry and accessory designer to this day. Want to bookmark your favourite articles and stories to read or reference later? I don't even realise I'm doing it. Stephen Paul Wyman (Born: March 29, 1962) Finally, the first Stones baby not fathered by Brian Jones: Stephen Paul Wyman. Which Brilliant Jazz Saxophonists Music was Deemed so Holy that he had a Church Named After Him? She's done everything you need to do to rock in the grand Stones manner, except play an instrument. Wyman and Mandy Smith were married on June 2nd, 1989. Riff doesn't moisturise. Barrys new parents named him Simon, and he had a normal childhood -- growing up to become a freelance business systems analyst with a wife and children. He was born to a beautiful mother, and he has cost Mick Jagger a large, undisclosed sum of money, 1 twice. So. work about six months ago and said, If you go out with Patsy, I don't want to see Lucas Maurice Morad Jagger Who? At the time, Wyman was 52 and she was still a teenager at 18. Tara Jo Jo Gunne Richards (Born: March 26, 1976)Keith and Anitas third child together, Tara Jo Jo Gunne (a boy), was born in the spring of 1976. Accosta demanded that Wyman change his philandering ways, and he did, quickly settling into his role as a doting father. her life story into a book, It's All Over Now. While pregnant with Emma, her mother, Susan, met Hans McMinamin, a musician in a German blues band. Theodora Dupree Richards (Born: March 18, 1985)Less than two years after Keith Richards married American model and actress Patti Hansen, the couple welcomed their first child, Theodora. She ate millet Hamrick is a dancer with the American Ballet Theatre. According to Paul Trynka's Brian Jones: The Making of the Rolling Stones, Jones offered to marry Corbett several times, but her parents refused to allow it. Wyman kept a journal throughout his life, beginning when he was a child, and used it in writing his 1990 autobiography Stone Alone and his 2002 book Rolling with the Stones. Smith confirmed that their relationship had been consensually sexually consummated when she was 14 years old. She gave birth to a boy named Paul Andrew, then put him up for adoption. Connect any celebrity with Stephen Paul Wyman to see how closely they are linked romantically! I was speaking to. I was much older, not a 13-year-old in little socks and school skirt,' she says. Matilda Mae Wyman (Born: April 27, 1998)Matilda, the youngest of Bill Wyman's three daughters with Suzanne Accosta, arrived in 1998. Age: 58 Elizabeth Scarlet Jagger (Born: March 2, 1984)Elizabeth or Lizzy, as shes better known is the first child born from Micks relationship with American model and actress Jerry Hall. But those days are behind him, and he and his eldest daughter now have a close bond. Oh no, no. It was Easter Sunday, 1989, that Bill proposed to Mandy. 3. Six years later, they were married, but the marriage only lasted a year. Entombment will be at Lakewood Mausoleum. She gave birth to the baby, whom she named Barry David, and then put him up for adoption. 1. Even though the server responded OK, it is possible the submission was not processed. For a long time, fans were confused as to why Wyman had chosen that moment to go solo, but years later,he opened up about the decision:Playing with the Stones, there was always such a lot of pressure. Bill Wyman remained with the Stones until leaving the band in 1993. Both marriages ended within a couple years and without children, thus preventing an incredibly tangled family tree. Wyman took piano lessons from age 10 to 13. She and her husband, Dominic Jennings, live on an estate thats near the homes of Richards and Pallenberg (who parted ways in 1980). I didn't talk to Pat when we met because Georgia May is the younger daughter of Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall, and the first of their children born after the pair wed in a Hindu ceremony in 1990. She would soon have company. Jade, born in Paris, spent her early years in England, but, after her parents 1978 divorce, moved with her mother to New York City. Why rock? Who knows if it'll last forever, for a year or two?' Her son, who goes by Mark, spoke to author Laura Jackson for her 1993 book about Jones,Golden Stone. She has pulled herself back from the brink, partly with religion. Although all three of Wyman's young daughters keep a low public profile, Matilda accompanied her dad to an interview with London'sTelegraphnewspaper in 2008.
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